Know USA National Parks Before You Travel

Before you travel to USA you will need to get an idea on the many popular national parks there, if adventure is what beckons you. The National Park Service operates parks located at nearly fifty eight areas that are protected in the United States. The establishment of national parks must take place as per the law in the United States or else they would be illegal. You will find abundant information about such parks online as well as travel guides. In the year 1872, Ulysses S Grant, the President, witnessed the creation of Yellowstone, the first national park, followed by Yosemite and Sequoia.

To ensure that the future generations get to enjoy, and make sure that they are not left impaired of natural beauty and wealth, provide enough enjoyment and for conserving the wildlife, the scenery, the historical objects and the natural beauty, the National Park Service was created in the year 1916 as per the Organic Act. In the Virgin Islands of the United States and American Samoa's insular areas, national parks are present in around twenty seven states. Many national parks can be seen in California and Alaska and each of them have eight, with Colorado having four national parks and Utah having five national parks.

One of the most sought after places to visit is the Acadia National Park which covers most of the Mount Desert Island besides the other coastal islands. Lakes, granite peaks, woodlands, shoreline of the ocean are preserved by Acadia. Besides this there are intertidal habitats, freshwater biomes, forest and the estuary. The white beaches, the coral reefs, volcanic mountains and rainforests are protected on the three Samoan islands by the southernmost national park. Around 900 fish species, people from Samoa, the sea turtles, flying foxes and the brown boobies are natives to this area.


Another interesting place to consider is the Arches National Park which has natural arches made from sandstone totaling to around two thousand in number. The Delicate Arch is also part of this national park. These structures have come into existence due to years of erosion in the typical desert climate. The region is arid, has natural basins that collect water, pot holes and soil crust that is life sustaining. The towers, columns made from stone, the fins and spires are the other formations that are geologic in nature.

A collection of buttes, grass prairies, pinnacles and spires can be seen at the Badlands National Park. At this park you get to see swift foxes, ferrets that are black footed, bison, sheep with big horns as part of the wildlife here. From the Oligocene epoch you will also find fossil beds that are the richest in the world. The Biscayne National Park, the Black, Canyon of the Gunnison National Park and the Bryce Canyon National Park are a must see for every traveler who visits the United States. The Big Bend national park is also another attraction travelers can view along the border of the United States and Mexico. A part of the Chihuahuan Desert is included in the park. Within the borders are also found the Native American cultural artifacts besides tertiary fossils and cretaceous fossils.